Welcome to: For The Children Wilsonville

For the Children Wilsonville is a non-government agency (NGO) that is part of a network of separate 501(c)(3) corporations providing intervention programs and advocacy for child victims of family induced trauma all across the United States and in 12 countries across the world.

We stand on the front lines of childhood trauma intervention.

Our Pledge

This is the flag we wave. We believe all children should have safety, family, rights and a future. Join us in taking a stand For The Children.

  • Safety – Every child deserves to feel safe and live a life free of neglect, abuse and violence.
  • Family – Every child deserves to live in a family that provides basic stability, care and love.
  • Rights – Every child deserves dignity. They are human beings with their own individual human rights. They must be allowed to play, learn, develop and flourish.
  • Future – Every child deserves a life free from oppression and full of opportunity to make independent and informed decisions to share a desired future.

The pledge to ‘carry our flag’ speaks of an invitation to others to join a movement. It is an urgent call for action, a story of thousands, worldwide, coming together around a common idea to wave a banner of love, and stand, for the children.

Because there is no greater cause.

Same Heart, New Name, Bigger Impact

We are now For The Children and here’s why:

For 30 years, volunteers, churches, businesses, local municipal partners and Royal Family Kids staff have dedicated their time, talent and treasures to help transform the lives of vulnerable children across the US, and world.

While RFK has formally overseen our camps and mentoring programs, the breadth of our work has evolved far beyond these two programs. Today we provide direct trauma intervention, advocacy, fostering, adoption, support to parents, and other crucial wraparound services.

While we acknowledge the expansion of our work across our 252 chapters, COVID-19 has profoundly increased the needs of children and families. Extreme gaps in fulfilling these needs cannot be overstated.

In order to address the systemic issues surrounding child welfare today, our organization must respond.

Consequently, as of November 2020, Royal Family KIDS, will officially be renamed For The Children. This transition will bring clarity to new opportunities, from providing laptops and shoes to needy children, to assisting overburdened social workers, to providing temporary shelter.

The teaching and example of Jesus in caring for “the least of these” will remain our motivation. As For The Children, we are also eager to focus on the systemic issues facing children, around the globe.